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"Cumberland Family Tree" is the program I use to record all information and generate the Website pages.

The version here is free and complete with the data file and help manual but is Read Only.

You can print out all sorts of charts and pictures but you cannot change any details.

If you want to buy a fully functional version visit the link at the bottom of this page.   

If you come across details that need changing or if you wish to add anything please use the e-mail link.

The download size is just over 10MB

Create a new folder on your hard drive, click on the link below and choose to save the file to your new folder. 

Click here to download "Cumberland Family Tree"

 After downloading go to your new folder and double click on the file Family Tree.exe

. The program files will be unzipped. Double click on the file cftw.exe to run the program.

Create a shortcut to cftw.exe on your desktop.

The manual is available while the program is running but you will need Acrobat Reader to view it.  

Once the program is installed, updates to the data file can be downloaded.

The download size is just under 1Mb

File date - 9th January 2005

 Click here to download updated data file

Choose to save the file in the folder where you installed the program, and choose overwrite when asked.

Updated pictures can be downloaded.

Click here to download updated pictures 

Save the pictures to folder "Media001" which is a sub-folder within the folder you created first.


Click here to download a free copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader

Click here to visit the Cumberland Family Tree Website.